2011 DB Pro/AM Edit and Photos

The 2011 DB Pro/AM took place at Dash Point in Federal Way, Washington. The skimboarding contest featured riders from Washington and British Columbia. Tons of sick tricks were thrown down for the spectators at Dash Point. Issac Thomas took first in the pro division with Blake Zimmerman right behind him in the standings.

The guy behind Skim Magazine, Flatland Magazine and the Northwest Skim Tour Matt McDonald / EqualMotion.com stopped by the 2011 DB Pro/AM and captured a bunch of epic photos and made a pretty high-quality edit. 


1. Isaac Thomas
2. Blake Zimmerman
3. Emile Panerio
4. Trevor Stine
5. Tony Saddler

1. Emi Klein
2. Alisha Nguyen
3. Rachel Collins

1. Seth Thomas
2. Oliver Parkman
3. Brody Atwood

1. Jason Rodjanapanyakul
2. Arthur Murray
3. Josiah Thomas
4. Bryce Johnson

Checkout the video also!

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