Chambers Creek Throwdown 2009 Results

This post is dedicated to the survivors of the Chambers Creek Throwdown 09. It was cold! But fun!

Thanks to all of the hardcore skimmers that came out and supported the event despite the cold/windy conditions. Everyone shredded despite the 60 degree temps. Some gnarly tricks and falls went down on the ghetto tech rail setups that chambers in known for. Check out the pics and the winners:

-Riley (U-16)
-Matt Eckland (Am)
-Richard Docter (Pro)

Flat Box Heat:
-Josiah Thomas (u-16)
-Matt Larson (Am)
-Logan Davidson (Pro)

Pyramid Heat:
-Riley (u-16)
-David Fison (Am)
-Richard Docter (Pro)

Corrugated Pipe Heat:
-Josiah Thomas (u-16)
-Arthur Murray (Am)
-Emile Panerio (Pro)

-Trevor (u-16)
-Matt Eckland (Am)
-Isaac Thomas (Pro)
-Lexi Hutchings (Womens)

David Fison Frontside

Matt Larson Boosting over the corrugated...

Shuv on...wired anyone?

Tim, Spencer, and Lonnie, Good judges, Good people.

Lexi Hutchings over the tires


Look out for more photo's from this event on our Facebook account....when the FB photo uploader decides to cooperate.

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