DB Skimboards 2015 Thomas Pro


Skimboard legend Isaac Thomas has created a new shape to help push skimboarding technology to the next level. The customized signature Thomas Pro features mellower rocker and a stiffer layup. This board can take a beating and won't leave you hanging this summer. The unique shape and weight allows for farther skims and faster speeds. The 2015 Thomas Pro skimboard features a twin tip shape that supports riding either direction. Vertically symmetrical side-cuts to help the board glide straight directly from your toss. Added surface area in the nose and tail gives the board more POP! Plus more room for your feet when steezin' out your bluntslides.

Deck Dimensions

DB Skimboards Thomas Pro 2015 Specis

The Thomas Pro comes in one size, Medium (41.4"x19.4"). This is versatile size for riders from 165bls -200lbs. 


DB Skimboards Thomas Pro 2015 Concave

A definitive advantage of a DB Skimboard is our trademark Micro Concave. We employ a tiny side to side concave which creates a bowl effect over the surface of the board. This concave allows the rider a catch free ride and added confidence in spins and shuvs. 


DB Skimboards Thomas Pro 2015 Rocker

It's taken years to find the perfect rocker profile for our standard boards. We dialed in and perfected this profile to find the perfect mix of amplitude and curvature. Our rocker enables maximum pop without sacraficing speed over the water or making the board difficult to throw.  

3D Rocker & Precision Lamination

DB Skimboards Thomas Pro 3D Rocker

The combination of Micro Concave + Continuous Rocker = 3D Rocker. The bowl'd deck creates the perfect platform for technical tricks, long rides, and easy sliding. Our boards are pressed using a proprietary technique that ensure longlasting shape accurate laminations. Ask around, our boards hold their rocker and concave almost indefinately!


Thomas Pro Constructions​​

The Thomas Pro is consturcted with our "Rigid Layup" it's still a 5 ply board but each ply is slightly thicker than our standard and makes for a heavier stiffery board. 

Proudly Made in the USA

We've been making our skimboards just South of Seattle, WA since 2003. Our company is rider owned and operated and dedicated to making the best boards in the world. 

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