DB Skimboards Rider Series: Adam Balaam

Adam Balaam and the Goon crew in Northern California are redefining flatland skimboarding. Adam started skimboarding in Sacramento recently moved to San Francisco where he now calls Baker Beach home. Adam is a progresive skimboarder who is pushing the limits of what can be done and will be done on a skimboard. Make sure to checkout Adam's team profile and checkout his preferable beach setup. Adam exclusively rides the Sac Pro skimboard and you can snag your very own here:

Q&A with Adam Balaam:

Birthdate: March 14th, 1993

Years Riding: 8 years

What skimboard do you ride: Sac Pro, what else...

Local hood: Ap - Carmichael

Who do you go skimboarding with: The GOONs

Where is your local skim spot: Paradise but, now its Baker

What's your favorite trick: Baby Kilers

Favorite skim event: Skimfest

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: Skating and chillin at the beach with homies.

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: I was introduced to skimboarding for the first time when in was down at the river with my friends in Sacramento. It was back in 2008 when I was in high-school. The first guys that really got me into it and stoked were the ISM boys including Lon Porteous.

Quote to live by: "Your never gunna get layed unless you show a little butt crack."

The one thing you buy at a gas station: 40oz

Make sure to follow Adam, Dallas, Derek, Cardo, Mike and the rest of the Goon skimboarding establishment on Instagram at @goonmedia

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