DB Skimboards Rider Series: Adrien Raza

​Adrien Raza is a talented skimboarder who has taken the European skimboarding scene by storm. He skims with precision and consistency like non other. Adrien has dominated the European contests for the past 3 years and has pushed the limits of technical tricks, combinations, and going big.


Checkout Adrien's brand new pro model!


Q&A with Adrien Raza

What's your favorite trick: The classic 3 shuv

Favorite skim event: The Polish skimboarding open and the Dutch Flatland skimboarding open

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: Thinking about skimboarding

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: Seven years ago my cousin took me skimboarding at our local beach in France. A couple months after I bought myself a board and just never stopped!

Quote to live by: Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions. Dalai Lama

The one thing you buy at a gas station: Ice coffee

Birthdate: 03/04/1995

Years Riding: 7

What skimboard do you ride: Raza pro!

Local hood: Rotterdam aka Roffa

Who do you go skimboarding with: The locals Mees Oostdijk, Lisa van Leeuwen, Max van Leeuwen and my buddies from Heerenveen.

Where is your local skim spot: Just outside of Rotterdam, 10 minutes away from my house.

Pump up your flatland skimboarding by enabling your ability to throw 520s and 720's on a consistent basis. A board designed with the help of the European Skimboarding Cup champion himself Adrien Raza who is the most consistent skimboarder in the world. The Raza Pro employs the Sac Pro shape for it's benefits that will enable you to progress your flatland tricks and technical jibs. This skimboard is wider in certain areas and shorter than some skimboards, but it still enables the rider spin the board like never before possible. This skimboard is still very stable and just waiting to help you with you skimboard-tech game. Go big with the Raza Pro!



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