DB Skimboards Rider Series: Friedrich Flüh

We just released another installment in our ongoing Riders Profile Series and this video features Friedrich Flüh.

Friedrich is a skimboarder from Scharbeutz, Germany who can open a bottle with pretty much any object. A skimboard, a shoe, an umbrealla he literally can open a bottle with anything. But that is not why he is on the team. Friedrich is a great ambassador for skimboarding and has popped a skimboarder higher than anyone else in the history of the Blatic Sea. 

Birthdate: 08/22/1992

Years Riding: 7 years

What skimboard do you ride: DB Standard Proto L 

Local hood: Scharbeutz/Germany 

Who do you go skimboarding with: Daniel Prieß, Lennart Hilker and Toni Korthals, The BeachBreakers Skim Crew. Check out the website to get more information www.beachbreakersskimcrew.com

Where is your local skim spot:  Scharbeutz is next to the Baltic Sea in the north of Germany

What's your favorite trick: Frontside big spin pop

Favorite skim event:  European Skimboarding Cup

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: Surf and travel. In everyday life I work in a tourism office right next to the beach.

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: I discovered skimboarding in the year 2000 when I was 8 years old. I was with my family on a vacation island in Germany called „Sylt“. I saw these surfer dudes with their self-made skimboards sliding along the coast. After this I went to a surfshop and bought my first wooden skimboard with a cool retro look.

Quote to live by: Living for the moment

The one thing you buy at a gas station: Coffee


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