DB Skimboards Rider Series: Isaac Thomas

Isaac Thomas is the definition of a super shredder. Isaac has countless contest wins under his belt and has pushed flatland skimboarding to new heights just as much as any other skimboarder out there. He is a recent father of twins and is all around good guy that has helped made DB Skimboards what it is today. 

Q&A with skimboarder Isaac Thomas

Years Riding: 11/19/1987

Years Riding: 12

What skimboard do you ride: Thomas Pro

Local hood: Tacoma, WA

Who do you go skimboarding with: Kira & Blandin, Young Life dudes, DB hommies, local shreddas, anyone that wants to!

Where is your local skim spot: Dash Point and Dumas Bay

What's your favorite trick: Backside bigspin

Favorite skim event: Skim 2 Live’s Skim Jam!

What you do when you aren’t skimboarding: Spend time with family, teach, skateboard, snowboard, edit, Young Life, eat nachos, etc.

How, when and where did you discover skimboarding: One of my best buds Tim Mackey showed me some sweet skim videos in 2003.  It was our freshman year at Stadium High School and on the last day of school, he took me to Dash Point and showed me the way.  Since then, I’ve learned so much about skimming through Tony, Bryce, Richard, and so many other great skimmers.

Quote to live by: Live Life to the FULLEST!

The one thing you buy at a gas station: First off, why wasn’t this the first question because it’s definitely the best.  Second, I can always go for a gas station burrito hands down.