DB Skimboards Travels and Wanderings: Washington State

Road trips and exposing new skim spots is half the fun of skimboarding. Last summer team riders Arien Raza, Daneil Priel and Friedrich Fluh traveled to the United States to meetup with Adam Balaam, the Goon Crew and all the skimboarders in the Pacific Northwest. With an international squad we ventured on a summer road trip that started in Washington, traveled through Utah and ended up in California. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Skimboards Featured In This Video

Chambers Creek

The crew had two sessions at Chambers Creek featuring a quarter pipe that was built for the 2013 DB Pro/AM. Adam and Adrien killed the quarter pipe and Blake was throwing flip tricks per usual.

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Dash Point

After two sessions at Chambers Creek the crew moved on to Dash Point to warm-up for the DB Pro/AM. It was a mellow session with a ton of skimboarders like locals Casey Gackle, Isaac Thomas, Logan Davidson and even the the Bick Skimboards crew from Utah were there warming up.

Standard Skimboards

2015 DB Pro/AM

The 2015 DB Pro/AM went off with riders from all over the world competing at the highest level at one of the biggest skim contests ever. Watch the video to see all the action!

Skim Bags


The day after the contest the crew traveled to Bellingham for the last stop of the Washington portion of the tour. Bellingham Bay features a ton of tidal pools that are perfect for skimboarding. Although it was windy that day we had an amazing session.

Flex Skimboards

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