DB Skimboards Twelve; Episode #1 Now Online!

If you haven't already heard the first episode of Twelve is now Online! Richard and Isaac were hard at work getting the parts all together but we're pretty stoked on how the first episode turned out! This episode features: -The DB Skimboards team skim session in Bellingham bay; The Boat Session -"The Breakdown" trick tip with Isaac Thomas, "how to do a 3-shuv" -Footage from the 2010 skimboarding competition "the Chambers Creek Throwdown." SPOT FINDER CONTEST What do I have to do to enter? The contest is pretty simple; all you have to do is email the following to contest@dbskimboards.com: 1. A brief description of the spot. Make sure to give people a "locals" take on the beach. Be sure to include what the beach is like ie; is it crowded? Are there shells and rocks? What tide or season is necessary for it to be skimmable? Are there any public obstacles(rails, jumps boxes etc) at the beach? Is there a local crew of skimmers? Any secret spots or things to be aware of? Etc. Etc. 2. 2-3 Good pictures of the skim spot. Make sure the pictures are full resolution and really illustrate what the spot is like. If you can try and include one picture that shows the entire beach, an action shot, and a picture of the park sign or trail entrance. **Be sure that you have the right to distribute the images!!! No Google images or anything with a watermark!!! 3. Directions to the beach. BE SPECIFIC (include the park name, trail name, mile marker, or whatever you can). Include a google map if you can! What do I win? We are picking three winners for this comp... 1. The best submission. This will be the entry that is the most complete/high quality. IE has the best description, pictures, and directions. 2. Best Photo... 3. Random! This will be picked at random from the pool of submissions. Each winner will be contacted by DB via email and sent a DB Prize Pack which usually includes things like.....tee's, DVD's, wax, traction, stickers, etc. etc. When is the deadline? Sunday May 1st 2011 Can I submit more than one "spot?" Most definitely! Good Luck! The next episode of Twelve will be online in 2-weeks! April 4th! Woohoo! Until then go document your spot and more importantly go get that spring skimming in!

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