Flatland Skimboarding Over The Years With Isaac Thomas

We are getting really close to finishing a new edit with team rider Isaac Thomas and releasing his new Thomas Pro skimboard.

Isaac has been so good to us and the flatland skimboard scene over the years through his riding, media creation and dedication to the sport of skim we decided to round up all of our videos of Isaac. Here's a collection of Isaac Thomas videos over the years. We also just posted his part from the movie RUN that you can see below.

And here is a sneak peak at the 2016 Thomas Pro!

About the Thomas Pro

Skimboard legend Isaac Thomas is back in 2016 with a further refined version of the Thomas Pro. With a modified shape and new construction the this years board is the best we've ever built. The 2016 Thomas Pro skimboard features a twin tip shape that supports riding either direction. Vertically symmetrical side-cuts to help the board glide straight directly from your toss. Added surface area in the nose and tail gives the board more POP! Plus more room for your feet when steezin' out your blunt slides.

All new "Skelletech" construction features a technical composite layup that's been in development since 2010. The core of the board is built from vertically laminated bamboo. The bamboo is CNC machined to create a structural skeleton for the board. We replace the bamboo we remove with lightweight high-density foam and cap the edge with a durable urethane edge. The base and top sheet of this board is made of HPL for its durability and structural support. Triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin are implemented to create an incredibly stiff (our stiffest board) and responsive flex that stands the test of time. To cap things off this board features a full SUPER CUSH EVA foam top for wax free traction and extra cushioning.

2009 - Isaac Thomas Mini Movie

2009 - Isaac Thomas DB Skimboards Promo

Isaac and Josiah Thomas Spring 2012 Edit

RUN: Isaac Thomas Part

Rad Movie: Isaac Thomas Full Part

DB Skimboards "EDIT #2" Isaac Thomas Professional Skimboarding

Thomas Pro Edit

DB Skimboards: "Let's Go Skimboarding" Isaac Thomas

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