How to Skimboard Episode 2: Spinning and Turning

Welcome to the second installment of our How to Skimboard tutorial series. In this video we will teach you how to spin and turn on your skimboard.

Spinning on your skimboard is the most basic trick you can do. Be sure have have mastered the basics of running, jumping and sliding before attempting to spin. Spinning takes considerable balance and skill and should only be attempted by intermediate skimboarders.

First things first, make sure the area where you are skimboarding is free and clear of debris, sand bars, or any other obstructions that may cause you to fall while spinning.

The easiest way learn to spin is to bend your knees and drag your hand in the water and sand and push the your hand in the opposite direction you want to spin. The harder you push the more you will spin. After initiating your spin be sure to stand back up. Tucking your arms to your side will help you spin longer and faster. You can easily do 180, 360, 540s and more with enough speed and running distance.

Once you have mastered the hand drag you can start working on 180’s and 360’s without using your hands. Simply move your shoulders in the direction you want to spin and let your body go with the movement moving your legs in the same direction after your shoulders have shifted. Make sure to keep you feet centered on the board, so you don’t catch an edge. Pointing your hand in the direction you want to spin is an easy trick to moving your shoulders and initiating a good spin!

If you missed our first episode in our How to skimboard series make sure to watch our skimboard basics video below.

How to Skimboard Episode 1: The Basics

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