How to skimboard episode 3: How to shuv-it

Welcome to our third installment of our How to Skimboard tutorial series. In this video we will teach you how to land a shuv-it, 360 shuv-it and a pop shuv-it.

One of the most fun and commonly executed trick on a skimboard is a 180 shuv it. This trick is fun and is a great starting point for learning other tricks.

Backside shuv-it

For a backside shuv-it run and drop your board and jump on it and while you have speed bend your knees and use your back foot to spin the board back behind you while jumping up and off the board allowing it to spin beneath you. When the board has rotated 180 degrees catch it with your feet in the proper position and stop the boards rotation. Practicing this trick on the sand prior to taking it to the water will make it much easier to learn.

Frontside shuv-it

For a frontside shuv-it spin the board in the opposite direction towards the front of you. This trick can be more difficult so make sure to master the backside shuv first.

360 shuv-it

Once you have mastered the 180-shuv it it is time to move on to a 360 shuv-it. For a 360 shuv-it you need to simply do the same thing, but put more force behind your spin. With the board rotating faster make sure to have a reference point on the board that you track so you know when the board has made it’s full rotation - the logo on your board can be a great reference point for this.

Pop shuv-it

After you feel comfortable with 180 and 360 shuv-its it is time to move on to a pop-shuv it. To get the board out of the water you need to move your back foot towards the back of the board and with a scooping motion push the board out of the water. This will take some practice and it is easier to pop a skimboard out of the water if it is a little bit deeper than just a film of water. The deeper the water, the easier it will be to get the board in the air. At the same time the deeper the water, the harder it will be to land on the board. Be sure to bend your knee’s deeply and initiate the spin of the board simultaneously with a jumping motion into the air. Your back foot creates the “Pop” for the board while your front foot should be used to level and guide the rotaion of the board as it moves upward. Be sure to catch your board before it hits the water and “Stomp” the landing by bending your knees.

Keep practicing a 180-pop shuv-it and after you have got that trick down move on to a 360-pop shuv-it using the same concepts as above.

We hoped you enjoyed this trick tip! We plan on working on the next video soon!

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