New Video Part from Isaac Thomas

Two Years of Skimboarding Footage. One Epic Video Part From Isaac Thomas. Launces this Friday!

Isaac Thomas has been progressing the sport of skimboarding for over 15 years. Over the course of his skimboarding he has been one of the most influential riders in the sport. He has released countless video parts, pro model skimboards, and taught hundreds of people to ride, and enjoy the sport he loves so much.

As media has changed from DVD's, to Youtube videos, to bite-sized clips on instagram and snap chat...Isaac wanted to put together a new high quaility, long form video part. Over the course of 2016 and 2017 he filmed for and ideated "Never Stop Skimming." 

Never Stop Skimming was filmed at multiple locations including: Spanish Banks, White Rock, Cypress Creek, Galveston, Dash Point, Chambers Creek, Port of Tacoma, Sacramento, Rollins Lake. 

Isaac's goal for the part was to "Push myself to keep skimming, create new ways to ride my skimboard, hopefully inspire others to Never Stop Skimming." Isaac's Sponsors: DB Skimboards, Northwest Riders Clothing, Tomahawk Shades
We think he's done just that. Let him know what you think by connecting on Instagram: @isaac_thomas_