Locust Beach: DB Skimboards Bellingham Skim Jam

Bellingham, Washington is an amazing place to go skimboarding. There are several spots in Bellingham Bay and a bunch of hidden gems along Chuckanut Drive if you look hard enough. We recently put on the 2015 Bellingham Skim Jam at Locust Beach. It was a rad event and we were stoked to see so many skimboarders come out to skimboard with us. 

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Locust Beach is the most accessible skimboarding spot in Bellingham and you can skimboard up until a 5-foot tide. Bellingham Bay is also an amazing place to kiteboard, so you can usually see kiteboarders at Locust Beach taking advantage of the wind and low tides also. Once small issue with skimboarding in Bellingham is parking is limiuted near the beach and it causes issues with local neighbors sometimes. An easy way to get around that is to carpool, ride a bike or park further away from the skim spot and walk to the beach. 

If you are in Bellingham, Washington and are wondering where you can checkout and purchase a new skimboard WWS in Fairhaven is the place to go. They are located at 501 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225 and their website is

Where is Locust Beach? 

If you do park on Locust Ave when you go skimboarding make sure to park completely off the road, face the correct direction and do not block the driveways of the people who live in the street. This will ensure you don't get a parking ticket or get towed.

2015 Pro Skimboards

You can view more photos from the Bellingham Skim Jam Here.

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