Meet the Anacortes Skim Crew

We recently had the chance to venture up to Anacortes, Washington and meet the Anacortes Skim Crew a group of skimboarders who are stoked on skimboarding and starting to progress. Team rider Casey Gackle and our media dude Matt McDonald ventured up north to meet the crew and skim on a rainy Pacific Northwest afternoon.

We ended up skimboarding at a spot in from of local skimboarder, Jake Hendricks, Grandma's house that had a nice little channel that formed after the tide went out. Naturally we decided to call the new skim spot "Grandma's". Overall it looks like Anacortes has some amazing skimboarding spots and we plan on heading back up there a few more times this spring and summer for more sessions. You can follow along with the Anacortes Skim Crew on Instagram (@ascskim) and Youtube (ASC Skim).

Below you can checkout some photos and read a short Q&A with the crew.

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Anacortes Skim Crew Q&A

Q. What is ASC skim?

A. ASC Skim is a group of friends who wanted to try skimming and just have a good time outdoors by taking advantage of all the beautiful beaches that surround our town of Anacortes. ASC stands for Anacortes Skim Crew and is an escape to the outdoors instead of sitting in the dark, going hard on the video games.

Q. Who is part of ASC skim?

A. There are many people apart of ASC Skim, the members are: Jake Hendricks, Payton Beaner, Lincoln Gilden, Kenji Nestrom, Nick Yarusso, Tyler Blouin, Trystan Lowry, Zack Bowman, Connor Wilson, Tristin Lewis, Nick Heubel, Nic Huffman, Lucas Manion, Milan Kasa and Ethan Seaman.

Q. How did ASC skim get started?

A. ASC Skim got started when some of the members would come back home and tell the others all about a trip they had that had skimboarding included. Such as, a couple guys would come back from Hawaii, three others would come back from the Oregon Coast talking about how they went skimming. This began to eventually catch on with the other members and we actually all just got really hooked on skimming and now is a great part of our life and friendship as a whole.

A. What is the skimboard scene in Anacortes like?

Q. Skimboarding in Anacortes is a new thing to our knowledge. We usually go to Ship Harbor which is right next to a public trail that many people walk on. They usually stop to watch and ask us, "What are you boys doing?" We just say "Skimboarding!" And of course we would have to give a full explanation of what it is, what a board is made of, and how do you skim? But we love to answer these questions because the more who knows about skimming the better. We have wonderful beaches surrounding Anacortes and there is always a spot to skim and just really have a good time with our friends while we are still young and in high school.

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