New 2020 Isaac Thomas Skimboard Video Part

Chambers Creek is one of the best places to learn how to flatland skimboard especially when it comes to riding features. Last summer the creek was stacked with boxes, rails, jumps, and an assortment of homemade contraptions. This video part is different than all the others because I decided to film entirely at Chambers, forcing myself to get as creative as possible with the environment.” - Isaac Thomas 32 years young and still GOING FOR IT! Isaac Thomas has been producing insane skimboard videos since the inception of DB Skimboards (Dashboards) in 2003. He's a dad of 4 and an avid skateboarder and snowboarder. This Pacific Northwest shredder isn't done yet and plans to continue this lifelong journey of finding the best skim and creating the gnarliest features. Enjoy! Isaac's Sponsors: DB Skimboards, Northwest Riders Clothing, Tomahawk Shades

The New Thomas Pro