New Mini Cruisers!

We tend to skateboard to the beach and if you did not know we already make longboards and the time has come to create our very own skateboards. That being said we would like to unleash the Mini Cruisers!

Isaac Thomas with the No Comply Big Heelflip

This board was designed with the infinite possibilities of space in mind because the possibilities of what you can do on this board truly are endless.. DB Mini Cruiser Skateboards are built with versatility in mind. The perfect craft for every occasion, small and lightweight enough to stuff in a locker or backpack while still fully functional to skate at the park. Big soft wheels and traditional kingpin trucks make these your new go to skateboard for just about everything!

The Mini Cruisers

Mini Cruiser Session with Isaac Thomas

More About The Mini Cruisers

Mini Ramp Ready!

Photos From A Session at Alchemy Skateboarding

Parking Garage Session

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