Skim Spot Check #1: Alki Beach Seattle, WA

Welcome to one of our skimboard spot checks! There is relatively little information online about flatland skimboarding locations. A lot of people are unaware of how many locations there are to skim, and how many have yet to be found! Here at DB Skimboards we check out just about every spot we can, and are finding new spots all the time. We'll be sharing some of our favorite spots with you, so can check some of them out yourself.

This skim spot check features Alki Beach located in West Seattle, WA. We have been skimboarding at this spot for years now and it is easily one of our favorite spots in terms of skim and scenery.

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About Alki Beach Skimboarding

Alki Beach is located across the West Seattle bridge along the boardwalk (Click here for directions). The Skimboard spot at Alki consists of there skimmable locations: the tide line, tide pools, and small streams that run down the beach into the ocean.

The sand is very soft and forgiving, and the tide pools do not have many rocks in them and vary in size and depth. A 1-foot tide is kind of skimable and a negative is ideal to skimboard at Alki Beach in West Seattle. If you can find a - 1 foot tide you will get about four hours of skimboarding in. At the lowest point you can slash and pop off some of the larger ferry waves that roll through and watch paddle boarders try and surf them in..

The lower the tide at Alki the more tide pools.

Be sure to check this one out if you are in the Seattle area, bring your skimboard and your camera and take advantage of the great sand, and epic views of the Seattle skyline.

View our Skim Spot map and get directions to Alki Beach



Tideline Skim at Alki Beach

Casey Gackle skimboarding the tideline at in West Seattle on a custom Sacramento Pro. You can take nearly any of our skimboards and customize the shape colors and design on our builder. Click on of the designs below or click here to try building your own custom skimboard.

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Tide pools and small streams at Alki

The tide pools and small streams of Alki Beach offer a great place to setup features like boxes and pole jams. Watch the video above to checkout some of the possibilities. You can watch more skimboard video over on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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