Tacoma Shipwrecks Skimboard Session

Team rider Isaac Thomas and photographer Matt McDonald ventured down to Tacoma Shipwrecks a new skimboard spot Isaac Thomas recently discovered for a skimboard sessions yesterday. It was the first full session with the 2015 Thomas Pro skimboard. Isaac setup a few features and got a pretty decent skim session in while Matt filmed and captured photos and video. Here's a few photos from the skimboarding session like Isaac doing a backside boardslide above and a frontboard below.


Isaac was ollieing over logs, throwing body varials and a ton of tech variations on the features throughout the day. 

Old man McDonald even got out on a new Thomas Pro to test it out and Isaac got behind the camera for a little bit of the session. 

One of the highlights of the skimboarding session was Isaac Isaac throwing down a frontside nose blunt on a somewhat sketchy setup, which you can see below.

 Keep your eyes open for video and make sure to pickup the new Thomas Pro Skimboard.

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