Learning to skimboard can be an easy and painless experience. Use the tutorials below to learn to skim from the pro's! From basic riding to advanced tricks out fast and easy tutorials will get you out on the water in no time.

How to Skimboard Episode #1

Casey Gackle explains the basics of throwing your board, jumping on, and how to adjust your weight and balance when skimboarding straight down the beach.

How to Skimboard Episode #2

Isaac Thomas walks you through turning and spinning on a skimboard. These fundamental skills will help you with more difficult tricks and allow you to maneuver your board on the water.

How to Skimboard Episode #3

Casey Gackles gives a in depth tutorial on how to do 180 shut-it's and 360 shut-it's on a flatland skimboard. These are the building block tricks for more advanced maneuvers and the bread and butter of any skim boarder!

How to Skimboard Episode #4

Casey Gackles gives a in depth tutorial on how to ride a ramp on a flatland skimboard. Getting this right is essential to start performing technical tricks on ramps and rails!

How To Build a Flatbox for Skimboarding

Step 1 - Assemble Frame



  • One 2’x8’Topsheet
  • Two 1’x8‘ side panels
  • Eight 2x4’ on top (spacing 2‘)
  • Thirty-two 2” Exterior Screws twp per stud

*Note- Side panels and topsheet are made from one 4’x8’ sheet of 15/32” OSB. Rip the sheet in half lengthwise then rip one of the half sheets again.


  • Screw 2x4’s at 2’ on center on top edge of side panels
  • Screw 2x4’s at 4’ on center on bottom edge of side panels
  • Mount them so they are standing up, they are much stronger in this direction


Step Two - Assemble Top Sheet



  • Five Pipes, trimmed to 94”(spacing 5.75”)
  • Two Endcap pipes 24” 36 Screws 1-1/4”


  • Attach the pipes to the top sheet prior to mounting on the box. This will allow for the pipes to be bottom screwed.
  • Trim the pipes to allow for an endcap on both sides of the box.
  • Mount the edge pipes
  • 1/2” in from side and space the three middle pipes 5.75” on center. After mounting the long pipes attach the end caps to the 1” space left on each.


Step Three - Mount top sheet assembly to frame


  • Place the completed top sheet on frame.
  • Attach with two screws in each 2x4 support.