How to skimboard

So, you want to learn how to shred the shores at your local beach? You have come to the right place. Below are some simple steps to learning how to skimboard. 

Step 1 - Find a spot

Find a good flat beach with a thin film of water. This can be at the ocean, lake, river, flooded golf course and you can even dig your own skim spot.

Step 2 - Buy a skimboard

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Step 3 - Warm up before you skim

Don’t go all in right away. Run in place a bit to warm up and/or run up and down the beach a bit and then stretch a bit before you start pushing yourself too hard. That will help reduce the risk of injury. 

Step 4 - How to hold the skimboard

The easiest way to hold your skimboard to make dropping it in front of you easier is to have one hand on the back of the board and one hand on the side of the board. This will help you get the skimboard perfectly in front of you.

Step 5 - It’s time to practice your drop

Start running down the beach approaching the spot you want to skim. When you have enough speed drop your board in front of you in the thin coating of water. Practice dropping the skimboard in front of you a couple times before you try to jump on the board.

Step 5 - Get on the skimboard

DO NOT JUMP ON THE SKIMBOARD! You need to try and glide and/or step onto your skimboard. This will enable you to not lose speed and ensure you don’t fall. Your front foot should land a few inches ops the middle of the skimboard and your back foot should follow. By gradually getting onto the skimboard one foot at a time you will not lose speed.

Step 5 - Keep skimboarding

You will not be able to master skimboarding overnight. Keep practicing and keep pushing yourself. Your knees might get banged up, but you will not be able to improve without a few falls.
After time you can start trying new tricks and start using rails. 

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